I am… I am but the stardust that tumbles I am but the twig that snaps beneath your umbels…

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A Shadow Thought…


Being one with your Polka-Dottiness is quite an accomplishment, indeed!

Bon Mot and Pen & Ink drawing by Anastasia Traina ~ 2017~


Nanny Fern O’ Byrne

Nanny+FernNanny Fern O’ Byrne
had many a thing to learn,
like, how to use a butter churn,
or even polish a coffee urn.
For Nanny Fern O’ Byrne
had more urgent concerns…

Like, taking care of Ms. Pippa Hints.
Making extra sure that she
never, never ate too many peppermints…
or ever had any reason to wear
those grim and ghastly shin splints.
For heaven only knows!
She just might meet (ribbit) Mr. Prince.

Yes, the dear old nanny was quite uncanny.
Even though, she never stepped so much as a toe in East Miami!
Poem and illustration by Anastasia Traina ~ 2013 ~

A Sunday Fu’Doodle!

Sometimes getting off the ground is much hard than one thinks!

Sometimes getting off the ground is much harder than one thinks!

Drawing by Ana Traina ~ 2013 ~


A Saturday Bu’ Doodle ~

A Saturday Bu' Doodle ~

When in doubt it is always best to do a bunnyhop step or two…

Bu’doodle by Ana Traina


A Wednesday Wa’Doodle!

A Wednesday Wa'Doodle!

When a person succeeds in helping the rare suchandsuchbutnotmuch plant thrive, the feeling may be so exhilarating that this particular person would be apt to forget that they now only have one foot left!
Wa’Doodle by Ana Traina ~ 2013 ~


A Snowy Tuesday Ga’Doodle!

A Snowy Tuesday Ga'Doodle!

I say, that is a rather large feather she’s sporting for this particular time of year!

Ga’ Doodle by Ana Traina ~ 2013~


This is a Thrusday Sha’doodle!

This is a Thrusday Sha'doodle!

Sometimes, I feel like a little itsy-bitsy birdie is shadowing me… However, I could just be paranoid!
Shadoodle by ana traina ~ 2013 ~