I am… I am but the stardust that tumbles I am but the twig that snaps beneath your umbels…

Archive for March, 2016

The Ruby-Throated Humflower!


Just a quick character study for The Curious Tales of Thimble Tarn in graphite and color pencil by Anastasia Traina ~ 2016 ~

The Sword…

gladiola179To the ancient Romans, gladioli represented strength of character, sincerity, and generosity. Their sword-like shape caused them to be associated with gladiators… I now have a newfound love for gladiolus! Graphite and color pencil drawing by Anastasia Traina ~ 2016~

The Spring Planting…

spring158of Louisa Daffadowndillia!

Graphite drawing in Sketchbook by Anastasia Traina ~ 2016~