I am… I am but the stardust that tumbles I am but the twig that snaps beneath your umbels…

The Unrequited Love of Drucilla Constance and Juno Fritz!

Illustration by Anastasia Traina ~ 2013 ~

Illustration by Anastasia Traina ~ 2013 ~

Drucilla Constance was smitten with an adventuresome huntsman named Junious Fritz
Who had a magic and bewitching bird-heart, unfortunately, there was an invisible hitch ~
Constance’s mother was a grabby, grubbing and gluttonous, witch!
Which certainly wasn’t going to bode well for young Mr. Fritz

Yes indeed, you guessed it right, the old witch had a definite plan!
Even more mischievous than the most mischievous gingerbread man
For make no mistake, she wanted that magic bird-heart, even more than she wanted, well, the capital of Saipan!

So by some arm-twisting and quite a bit of pinching, she forced poor Drucilla to meet her young beau by the pudding pie tree,
With a tangy tart made from the fruit of a most poisonous orange and green colored bee!
Which as you might not have guessed, smelled as sour as a Siberian stinky-winged pea!

Although, the Young Huntsman took no notice as his breast violently fluttered thrice
Out flew his bird-heart like a strange electromagnetic-al device
And within two minutes his heavy head was plopped upon a patch of Spanish cabbage and Chinese fried rice.

Poemlette by Anastasia Traina ~2013 ~

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