I am… I am but the stardust that tumbles I am but the twig that snaps beneath your umbels…


Thrill-seeker Permelia Plotts!

Thrill-seeker Permelia Plotts!

Thrill-seeker Permelia Plotts is about to embark on a great adventure to Boston, however, before she goes she would like to share one of her most famous traveling tips…
Never, ever, ever forget to bring along the Sea buckthorn tea! Now, here is why… It will fight off those savage carcinogens that tend to attack when you are most vulnerable! Yes, traveling can be quite a stressful venture, and it is known to cause great vulnerability in even the hardiest people. It also helps decrease appetite. (For one never knows while traveling when one might receive a decent meal!) It contains more vitamin C than oranges, or what nots… Yes, Sea buckthorn tea gives you energy, resolves skin diseases, and may stave off those frequent trips to the lavatory due to some questionable pumpkin muffin you’ve just ingested.
Last bit of Odd and End ~ Due to Thrill-seeker Permelia Plotts’ travels, Zingertales and A Funny Bunny Picture blogs will not be posting its usual fair! However, stay tuned for she will most probably share a bit of her travel log!
Watercolor and travel tip by Ana Traina ~ 2013~

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