I am… I am but the stardust that tumbles I am but the twig that snaps beneath your umbels…

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Miss Poppy Farmer…


Lives in the not so colorful town of Onepointonetulipsville, Nothing ever, ever happens there, ever. O’ perhaps there is a wayward bee that buzzes by, every now and then, with a bit of honeyed gossip. However, other than that it really is a very yawny place… Yet, Ms. Poppy Farmer never stops hoping that somehow, sometime… something like the musical extravaganza, THE DUSTMAN, will come and perform in her very own tiny town! So, in honor of keeping Ms. Poppy’s dream alive…perhaps, you will consider donating to her most beloved and wishful cause! http://www.indiegogo.com/dustman

A Polite Request from The Dustman!

Ms. Lilli Lichenpuddin is levitating with joy at all the wondrous support for THE DUSTMAN! With only 16 days to go she is hoping to reach the stars!(By the way she is already a third of the way there! O hooray!! So please help keep her afloat by donating to her most beloved and airy cause! http://www.indiegogo.com/dustman