I am… I am but the stardust that tumbles I am but the twig that snaps beneath your umbels…

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Islwyn Jareth’s Hand felted Boots!

photo and boots by ana traina ~ 2012 ~


The Language of Hands!

The Language of Hands!

Islwyn Jareth’s hands are almost ready to be cast after eight long hours of sculpting! I know I am being a bit of fuss pot about it all, but I also know in the end it will be well worth the effort because, for me, hands speak their own language and can reveal so very much about one’s hidden character…

Islwyn’s Maverick Pygmy Zebracorns!

Islwyn Jareth’s individualistic pygmy Zebracorns, Ghinge, Indah, Tizzel, and Lebra, all dance around the silent Arbor of Promise!

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The Casting of Islwyn Jareth!

Islwyn Jareth’s head is ready to be cast… Her eyebrow has been removed so that later I can add expressions with different eyebrows. Also, I will add a magnet for the mouth, making her mouth interchangeable… so she can speak.

The Dustman Continues…

Again, I am so thrilled that the Mandragora Group have started their rehearsal of my play “The Dustman,” by Anastasia Traina, in Poland, the composer is Krzysztof Buratyński, and Klaudyna Góralska is the writer of the lyrics! Here is a bit of the final song,”The Power of Dreams”! If you enjoys, you can check them out on their FB page http://www.facebook.com/GrupaMandragora

A quick translation of the final song, “The Power of Dreams”!

“You’ve got the strength,
And beauty and goodness and power in you!
You’ve got enough courage to survive
Through the longest night!
You are a wonderful creature, with a bright face,
You’re child of the universe,
Who dances so lightly among the stars.
You are the miracle, the dream
Just as you are
So believe in yourself
And start now fulfilling your dreams
So believe in yourself
And live your life to the fullest- from now!”

Dear Funny Bunnies…

I will be taking a small hiatus starting March 1st…see you very soonishly! In the mean time I wish you a very springy spring! oxox, ana